Photoshop Select And Mask Workspace-WRK254 (PS08)

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Photoshop Select And Mask Workspace-WRK254 (PS08) 

Series Overview:

Experienced digital photographers will tell you that Adobe's Photoshop is the digital editing tool of choice. Photographers that know their way around the Photoshop application will tell you that it's an incredibly powerful tool with a myriad of solutions to everyday editing challenges. New Photoshop users can be challenged by the application’s depth of features and apparent complexity, but at Soft Lite Studios, we have developed a structured series of classes that will make Photoshop not only easy to learn, but fun to learn as well. Our 16 different Photoshop courses will not only allow you to dissect Photoshop into easy to digest pieces, they allow you to select just the class that are right for your editing needs.


In this class, the eighth (8th) in our sixteen (16) course Photoshop series, we thoroughly examine Photoshop’s Select and Mask workspace. The workspace and its tools are designed to assist in making advanced Selections and Masks in Photoshop. We will review the multiple methods that are available within the workspace and will learn about the various output options available within the toolset. The Select and Mask workspace is the key to generating some of the most complex masking output possible.

Course Contents:

We will begin the class developing an understanding of how the workspace is accessed and in what situations it is best to use it. As the workspace exists as an extension to existing Selections, we will discuss the Selection state that is ideal for transferring over to the workspace for refinements.

In the second section of the class, we will explore the Select and Mask workspace itself and begin to familiarize ourselves with the tools and settings it has to offer. One of the areas we will focus on is an exploration of the multiple viewing modes that the workspace has to offer. The ability to understand and readily switch between these viewing modes makes assessing and modifying complicated Masks much easier.

The next section of the class, has us exploring the Refine Edge brush and the features that it brings to complex Mask creation. The Refine Edge brush is the go-to tool, for many dedicated Photoshop users who are looking to create complex composites or very deliberately and cleanly apply Masks to Adjustment Layers.

Our class wraps up exploring the remaining features in the workspace with numerous hands-on examples. The examples probe the advanced features that are available there and shows their usage in making complex Selections and Masks

While we are learning all about the Select and Mask workspace, we will be working hands-on with a variety of sample and exercise documents within Photoshop. Each participant will have many opportunities to reinforce the learning concepts presented, with step by step usage of these lessons and demonstrations given in class.

Course Prerequisites:

Participants enrolling in this class should have the following knowledge / experiences prior to attending this class:

  • General operating system knowledge as outlined below

  • WRK222 (PS01) - Photoshop Files, Preferences and Color Settings

  • WRK224 (PS02) - Photoshop Interface, Panels and Tools

  • WRK232 (PS03) - Photoshop Image Editing Tools (Part 01)

  • WRK234 (PS04) - Photoshop Image Editing Tools (Part 02)

  • WRK242 (PS05) - Photoshop Basic Layer Usage and Management

  • WRK244 (PS06) - Photoshop Masks And Masking Tricks

  • WRK252 (PS07) - Photoshop Selections And Selection Tools

General Prerequisites:

· Computer (with power supply)

· Photoshop (fully installed and ready)

· Familiar with computer basics (file management)

You will want to bring a laptop or computer to class if you wish to follow along using the exercise files that will be handed out. While most of the concepts and features demonstrated will be backward compatible with older versions of Photoshop, the instructor will be using the most recent version of the application. Many of the Photoshop concepts presented will be similar to operations available in Photoshop Elements. However, the instructor will not be able to make the translations of all exercises to equivalent features in the Photoshop Elements software. If you have recently subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud service, you will want to make sure that you have correctly installed the software locally and confirm its successful startup and operation before coming to class.

Many software complications, such as slow performance and lagging screen refreshes, are due to computer systems that are under-resourced. Continued satisfactory use of the software title covered in this course will be dependent upon your computer's configuration; please refer to the vendor's documentation to ensure that your system is adequately provisioned.

Last, but not least, you should ensure that you are familiar with the operation of your computer, its filing system and the shortcut keys and functions that it offers. A large percentage of the support issues that come up during class is rooted in the user not having knowledge of or a base level understanding of the operating system they are using on their computer. Most of today's mainstream software applications, provide features and functions based on capabilities provided by that computer's operating system. Failure to understand operating system provided functionality can lead to difficulty in understanding capabilities within the software we are teaching in class. Base level knowledge of your computer's filing system, storage locations, and operational shortcuts will go a long ways towards enhancing your experience in this course and with your computer system overall.

-This is one (1) indivudial Photoshop Class-

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