Photoshop Image Editing Tools (Part 01)-WRK232 (PS03)

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Photoshop Image Editing Tools (Part 01)

Series Overview:

Experienced digital photographers will tell you that Adobe's Photoshop is the digital editing tool of choice. Photographers that know their way around the Photoshop application will tell you that it's an incredibly powerful tool with a myriad of solutions to everyday editing challenges. New Photoshop users can be challenged by the application’s depth of features and apparent complexity, but at Soft Lite Studios, we have developed a structured series of classes that will make Photoshop not only easy to learn, but fun to learn as well. Our 16 different Photoshop courses will not only allow you to dissect Photoshop into easy to digest pieces, they allow you to select just the class that are right for your editing needs.


In this class, the third (3rd) in our sixteen (16) course Photoshop series, we begin our exploration of Photoshop’s image editing tools. Photoshop provides a host of pixel-based editing tools, which are designed to for use in all manner of image edits. Knowing the practical application of these tools allows users to modify and correct their images in compelling ways and opens the door to new levels of creativity in image editing.

Course Contents:

In the very first section in this class, we are going to discuss the notion of editing safety. Unlike Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop itself allows a much freer approach to editing and does not enforce a non-destructive editing methodology. Before we dive into editing images, we are going to discuss plans and actions for making sure your original image files are safe.

Before diving in too much further, we will also address the various types of content you may encounter in a Photoshop document. Throughout the series of Photoshop classes we offer, we will come across many types of content in a Photoshop document, but at this juncture, we want to discuss raster-based data and our interaction with it.

We’re sure that you are ready to get to some actual editing, so here we will begin to become familiar with what we refer to as the Basic Editing Tools in Photoshop. These tools harken back to our darkroom days and they offer the most straightforward approach to modifying an image, much like we did when we had negative and paper poised and ready in the enlarger. We will explore these tools in depth and learn some of the ins and out of each of the tools presented.

Once we have a handle on the Basic Editing Tools, it is time to expand our horizons and become familiar with a set of tools known as the Retouching Tools. These tools concern themselves with semi-automated and automated image repair tasks. The tools specialize in fixing damaged areas within an image, seamlessly matching content from surrounding image areas and allowing for cloning pixels from one area to another within your image.

While we are learning all of the above tools, we will be working hands-on with a variety of sample and exercise images. Each participant will have ample opportunity to work on real-world images that have a variety of edits and corrections that are required.

Course Prerequisites:

Participants enrolling in this class should have the following knowledge / experiences prior to attending this class:

  • General operating system knowledge as outlined below

  • WRK222 (PS01) - Photoshop Files, Preferences and Color Settings

  • WRK224 (PS02) - Photoshop Interface, Panels and Tools

General Prerequisites:

· Computer (with power supply)

· Photoshop (fully installed and ready)

· Familiar with computer basics (file management)

You will want to bring a laptop or computer to class if you wish to follow along using the exercise files that will be handed out. While most of the concepts and features demonstrated will be backward compatible with older versions of Photoshop, the instructor will be using the most recent version of the application. Many of the Photoshop concepts presented will be similar to operations available in Photoshop Elements. However, the instructor will not be able to make the translations of all exercises to equivalent features in the Photoshop Elements software. If you have recently subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud service, you will want to make sure that you have correctly installed the software locally and confirm its successful startup and operation before coming to class.

Many software complications, such as slow performance and lagging screen refreshes, are due to computer systems that are under-resourced. Continued satisfactory use of the software title covered in this course will be dependent upon your computer's configuration; please refer to the vendor's documentation to ensure that your system is adequately provisioned.

Last, but not least, you should ensure that you are familiar with the operation of your computer, its filing system and the shortcut keys and functions that it offers. A large percentage of the support issues that come up during class is rooted in the user not having knowledge of or a base level understanding of the operating system they are using on their computer. Most of today's mainstream software applications, provide features and functions based on capabilities provided by that computer's operating system. Failure to understand operating system provided functionality can lead to difficulty in understanding capabilities within the software we are teaching in class. Base level knowledge of your computer's filing system, storage locations, and operational shortcuts will go a long ways towards enhancing your experience in this course and with your computer system overall.

-This is one (1) indivudial Photoshop Class-

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