Screenwriting for Beginners Presented by MOFA + Midwest Photo

Thursday, October 3, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST) More Information →

Screenwriting for Beginners Presented by MOFA + Midwest Photo 

Join Columbus-based screenwriter Jarod Brennen for an introductory screenwriting class for beginners. Basic elements of screenwriting will be covered as well as tips to use free and readily available script writing software to help you create a screenplay in the proper format. 

About Jarod: 

I’m Jerod Brennen: husband, father, writer, gamer, and "good guy" hacker. I’ve been an active screenwriter for over a decade, independently producing and directing a number of my own short scripts. My experience behind the camera has helped me develop a writing style that translates well from script to screen.

In addition to being a screenwriter, I also write short fiction, comics, and radio dramas (with the Distress Frequency crew). I've shot a handful of award-winning shorts under the banners Tempered Zealot Productions and Whispering Daemon Productions, and I've had the good fortune to see my stories come to life at the hands of directors in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Hawaii, and Victoria (Australia).

I've even killed someone. (Onscreen. Not in real life. Not that I know of, anyway. You see, I was a zombie, and he was... never mind).

You can find a lot of my stuff online at

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