Lightroom Library Module-WRK120 (LR2)

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Lightroom Library Module-WRK120 (LR2) 

Series Overview:

Amateur and professional photographers alike will tell you that Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom is their go-to application for image management, Adobe Camera Raw based editing, workflow logistics, and bulk exports. Any photographer that has a significant volume of images to cull through appreciates Lightroom's sorting and cataloging features. Working photographers with multiple client demands to be met, utilize Lightroom to smooth out their workflow and make sure that edited results get delivered correctly. While Lightroom offers many intuitive features and simplistic operation, to truly taps its full potential, you must bring your notion of organization and understand the subtle mechanics of its non-destructive editing philosophy.


In this class, the second (2nd) in our seven (7) course Lightroom series, Lightroom Library Module, we explore the ins and outs of the Lightroom Library Module. The Library Module is responsible for keeping your images organized, accessible, and most importantly easy to find. Likely one of the two most powerful modules in the application, the Library Module has a whole host of functions and features that will streamline both your workflow and your editing work.

Course Contents:

This class continues exactly where we left off with the last class, working on understanding managing Lightroom Imports. There are a large number of options to be selected in setting up an Import, and we want to make sure you understand them completely and can use them to your advantage. Once we have a number of images in our catalog it would be good to explore how to browse through them, change focus to the specific sets of images we wish to view and zoom in and out at will. Lightroom offers a number of shortcuts for viewing images in the Library as well as helpful viewing tools, these are all features you will want to know how to use.

The second section of the class focuses on file and folder management within Lightroom. As a non-destructive editor, Lightroom has very specific interactions with the file and folder management features on your computer. You will want to understand how to manage your catalog’s folders and the images that reside in them. Lightroom has a whole host of functions and features built-in that will make this job a breeze. Before we leave this section we will explore multiple disc operations, breaking and fixing your folder structure, and offline editing operations.

Power users of Lightroom know that the Library Module allows for extensive search and categorization capabilities and we are going to explore many of them. The Lightroom Filter Bar and Toolbar offer a myriad of tools to help you categorize, sort and select images. We will discuss a number of different approaches that can be used to manage large imports, client projects, and bulk categorization of images.

In the last section of the class we will take a look at Keywords and how they can be used in Lightroom, as well as explore Lightroom Collections. Both of these tools make searching your catalog a breeze and finding just that right at matter of seconds instead of hours. By the time you are done with the course, you will have an excellent idea of what Lightroom’s Library Module can do for you.

Throughout the course, we will use sample images and libraries to help underscore the topics and examples presented in class. A computer with the correct software installed, while not absolutely necessary, will provide helpful reinforcement of the topics presented.

Course Prerequisites:

Participants enrolling in this class should have the following knowledge / experiences prior to attending this class:

  • General operating system knowledge as outlined below

  • WRK110 (LR01) – Lightroom Getting Started

General Prerequisites:

· Computer (with power supply)

· Lightroom (fully installed and ready)

· Familiar with computer basics (file management)

You will want to bring a laptop or computer to class if you wish to follow along using the exercise files that will be handed out. While most of the concepts and features demonstrated will be backward compatible with older versions of Lightroom, the instructor will be using the most recent version of the application (Lightroom Classic CC). If you have recently subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud service, you will want to make sure that you have correctly installed the software locally and confirm its successful startup and operation before coming to class.

Many software complications, such as slow performance and lagging screen refreshes, are due to computer systems that are under-resourced. Continued satisfactory use of the software title covered in this course will be dependent upon your computer's configuration; please refer to the vendor's documentation to ensure that your system is adequately provisioned.

Last, but not least, you should ensure that you are familiar with the operation of your computer, its filing system and the shortcut keys and functions that it offers. A large percentage of the support issues that come up during class is rooted in the user not having knowledge of or a base level understanding of the operating system they are using on their computer. Most of today's mainstream software applications, provide features and functions based on capabilities provided by that computer's operating system. Failure to understand operating system provided functionality can lead to difficulty in understanding capabilities within the software we are teaching in class. Base level knowledge of your computer's filing system, storage locations, and operational shortcuts will go a long ways towards enhancing your experience in this course and with your computer system overall.

-This is one (1) indivudial Lightroom Class-

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