Meet TJ Hansen

TJ HansenPhotography is the creative outlet I was searching for all of my youth. I was a fine artist all throughout my formative years, but I felt like there was no future in it for me. I wanted to be out in the world, experiencing things. With so much time spent on each drawing or painting, I would get more restless. Eventually I stopped making art at all, until I found photography.

It wasn’t until my late twenties that I was exposed to photography in the form of moving pictures (video). My first camera was a Canon Rebel T2i, the first consumer-priced DSLR with Full HD video. Since it was also a very capable still camera, I started shooting photographs for fun, and shortly became obsessed with the still image.

I started at Midwest Photo Exchange as the Audio/Video Expert, and moved on to become the Education Coordinator for theMPEX Learning Studio. I help to coordinate all the classes, meet-ups, workshops, and photowalks that we do. In addition to teaching the beginner class series, I also write a daily post for the MPEX blog, and run the Midwest Photo Instagram page. I am constantly shooting, learning, and sharing my passion for photography. I want to help anyone and everyone learn to shoot in any way that I can. Whether you are in my Photo 101 class, or just have a question about a camera, I am here to help.

I also write a daily blog at that you can follow my photographic journey!

Some of my classes:

Photo 101: Exposure Basics

Photo 102: Understanding Exposure, Lenses, and Composition

Photo 103: Intro to RAW and Digital Workflow

Video 101: Intro to Digital Video

I also lead many photowalks and Special Events! Keep your eye on our calendar!